DP Waldman Coaching

Celebrating 20 years of service through Professional Coaching

We’re inviting you to a BIGGER life.

It’s time. More JOY, more POWER!

ALL your potential unfolding.

ALL your deepest values and dreams honored and expressed.

We are inviting you to:

  • Step into greatness
  • Go beyond your self-imposed limitations
  • Find new edges and push beyond the known.

You’re ready for this and we’re here, ready for you.

We bring a unique and rare blend of competencies, experience, wisdom,

empowerment, inspiration, compassion, and patience to help you create your future NOW.

Let’s get started!

We offer four programs to suit your goals:

The first step is a no-risk no-cost Introductory Session with Coach DP Waldman, PCC*, BCC**

Please contact us to arrange your 1.5 hour session, available in person, by telephone, FaceTime or WhatsApp. 

We offer you global services – reaching you wherever you are in the world.

After your Introductory Session we will work with you to personalize the perfect program for your schedule 

and to achieve your best results.

Call us at +1-760.815.5935 or contact us through this site.

*PCC= Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation credential)

**BCC= Board Certified Coach (Center for Credentialing and Education credential)